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Acrylic aquariums are notoriously more expensive than glass aquariums, making some believe they are better because they are sold at a higher price. Is this really the case? Both glass and acrylic aquariums come with their own pros and cons. You must make your decision based on the specific features you are looking for in the aquarium, and not the price point How to Choose a Glass vs Acrylic Aquarium: 13 Things to Consider 1. Best for a Scratch Resistant Aquarium When it comes to scratch resistance, a glass tank is the clear winner vs... 2. Best for Impact & Shatter Resistance A glass tank will crack under impact, so if you have rambunctious children. One more noticeable difference between glass and acrylic tanks is the price. Glass aquariums are three times cheaper than their acrylic counterparts of the same volume. This makes a glass tank an affordable choice for enthusiasts, as it will not cost an arm and a leg It's difficult not to agree with us when we say that making the choice between an acrylic or glass aquarium can be daunting. This is why we decided to delve deep into the pros and cons of both these materials and what purposes they fulfill when they're used to build aquariums Glass is denser, thus it is much heavier than acrylic. Although a fish tank's weight is made up mostly by its water and the other things in it, a lighter fish tank is much easier to bring home and to relocate. A lighter fish tank also puts lesser strain on its supporting stand or cabinet

Acrylbecken sind im Vergleich zu Glasbecken in der Anschaffung deutlich teurer und deshalb schrecken viele Aquarianer vor einem Kauf zurück. Neben dem Preis gibt es aber eine weitere Menge an Unterschieden zwischen Acryl und Glas die es lohnt näher zu betrachten. Fangen wir mit dem ersten und vor allem auffallendsten Unterschied der Optik an Acrylic doesn't just excel over glass in the aquaria setting, it also offers a superior viewing experience in submersibles. From the early 1960s there was a growing consensus in the underwater community that a transparent material could be found that would solve the panoramic visibility enigma and allow submersibles to be built from such a material

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  1. Acryl Aquarium Vorteile gegenüber Glas Die Vorteile von Plexiglas-Acryl-Aquarien sind zum eine das geringere Gewicht von nur einem Drittel zu vergleichbaren Glasaquarien, die naturgetreue Farbwiedergabe der Pflanzen und Tiere im Becken sowie weniger Verzerrung
  2. Acrylglas vs. Glas. Dieses Thema im Forum Technik und Einrichtung wurde erstellt von Zigermandli, 29. August 2011. Zigermandli Moderator. Registriert seit: 19. November 2008 Beiträge: 5.038 Zustimmungen: 682 Ort: Glarnerland. Hi Zusammen Ich bin eigentlich immer davon ausgegangen, dass ich bei meinem Grossprojekt mal normales Verbundglas einsetzen werde. Kürzlich hatte ich allerdings eine.
  3. Glass aquariums are only preferable when your aquarium is not too large. This is usually so for starters who need an aquarium with at least 300 to 500 gallons. Once you are going beyond this capacity, acrylic would be a better choice. This is because such a very large tank in glass would be too rigid to manage, too heavy and simply inconvenient
  4. Aquarists who favor glass believe acrylic is a poor choice because it scratches easier than glass. Although this is true, the material has many advantages over glass. For one, acrylic is 17 times stronger than glass, softer and more flexible than glass, making it highly impact resistant

I love acrylic due to the clarity and impact resistance especially in large aquariums. It will scratch easier than glass but is so much stronger and relatively easy to polish out scratches. Glass is about 7 times less impact resistant and slight corner chips can lead to catastrophic failure as contents on the floor Acrylic vs Glass Aquarium - Which is better? We are often asked by prospective aquarium owners, architects and interior designers to help design aquariums for their projects. To help with this process, we have produced this article based on our long experience of using aquariums made from both materials,. Glass Vs Acrylic: Which Aquarium Is Best For You? The difference between glass and acrylic aquariums. As you see in the table below, glass and acrylic are very different... Cost. This one always comes as a surprise, but glass aquariums are usually cheaper than acrylic. I know, I know. Scratching..

The debate about glass vs acrylic aquariums is losing most of its energy for several reasons. The truth is nearly all of the popular freshwater budget aquariums are made of glass due to lower cost. The higher end aquariums for saltwater fish, reef and planted tanks are nearly all constructed with low-iron, high-clarity glass Insulation - Glass tanks tend to be heat sinks, meaning that they dissipate heat much quicker than acrylic aquariums. Scratches - while glass much more scratch resistant than acrylic, a scratch in glass is permanent, while scratches in acrylic can be lessened and even removed by polishing. SUMMARY. Both glass and acrylic have their advantages and disadvantages Glass aquariums can scratch as well; however, it has a resistance to scratching many, many times greater than acrylic aquariums. Over the long haul the acrylic aquariums will look old and beat up at a much greater rate than glass aquariums. Unlike a reptile cage where you can swap out the acrylic panels over time if they do get scratched up, there is no practical way to fix a severely scratched acrylic aquarium. As it is true that you can buff acrylic scratches, how practical is it to drain. Acrylic offers better heat insulation than glass. It can be a concern where the fish tank is in places where heat might be required to warm the tank due to low temperatures. In general, heat insulation is about 20% better with acrylic fish tanks

Obwohl sie stärker als Glas sind, sind Acryl-Aquarien bis zu 48% leichter. Das leichtere Gewicht, kombiniert mit der zusätzlichen Stärke und Flexibilität, machen sie zu einer ausgezeichneten Wahl für diejenigen, die ihre Aquarien gerne mal zu Veranstaltungen oder Messen mitnehmen. Acryl-Aquarien sind klarer als Floatglas und lassen bis zu 92% des Lichts durch. Farben kommen besser zur. Glass is denser and therefore heavier than acrylic. A glass tank will often weigh 4-10 times as much as an acrylic tank of the same volume. Acrylic tanks are lighter than glass tanks. This means that if you have to move an acrylic tank for some reason, it will be much easier to do so once the water is all out of it than it will be for its glass counterpart. This also means that an acrylic tank will be less strain on the structure that is supporting it than a glass tank will. Glass is simply not as strong as acrylic. Acrylic can be up to more than a dozen times stronger than even the best glass material. When it comes to shear strength acrylic will always be far more impact resistant than glass. Acrylic offers greater strength when it comes to protecting a substantial investment in an aquarium Aquatasy - Glass or Acrylic? - A Guide to Choosing Your Next Aquarium - YouTube. Glass tanks or Acrylic tanks? How do you know which is better for you? Well, Aquatasy is here to help you out! This. Acrylic glass is often chosen as an alternative for laminated glass. Both Acrylic and laminated glass are transparent building materials which withstand high pressures and can be used for applications like aquariums in marine museums and yacht windows. Acrylic is a monolithic material made of organic substance, hence its nickname organic glass. Plexiglas© is a popular brand name for acrylic.

If you liked this video, you will LOVE my book: http://thekingofdiy.comFollow me: http://facebook.com/uarujoeyGlass VS Acrylic aquariums (DIY Pro TIPS & TRICKS Glass vs. Acrylic Fish Tanks Glass Fish Tank. As tank material, glass is clear, easy to clean, and does not scratch too easily. Perfectly clean all-glass aquariums have a pristine beauty. However, glass is heavy, and breaks and cracks easily. While it does not accumulate scratches like acrylic does, once it is scratched, the damage is not easy to disguise. Most rectangular glass tanks are. Glass aquarium or acrylic aquarium, freshwater tanks, or saltwater tanks- the jargon of aqua scaping is close to boundless. As a sophisticated ancient art with a rather modern title, the elements of aqua scaping have evolved with more fluidity. But one dilemma remains: glass vs. acrylic, what to choose? The aquarium products and designs did not escape the progression either. Glass aquariums. Acrylic vs glass. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. S. sight · Registered. Joined Jan 30, 2012 · 10 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 1, 2012. Hi guys.

Acrylic vs glass. Thomas. Glass or acrylic: how do you decide which to use? Acrylic sheet is a form of plastic that has several advantages over standard glass and can be used as an alternative in many applications. But how do you know when it's best to use acrylic and when you should opt for standard glass? For example, is acrylic cheaper than glass? To help you decide, we'll take a closer. GLASS vs. ACRYLIC: COMPARISON CHART GLASS AQUARIUM OVERVIEW: Glass is really rigid and heavy making it difficult to move. So it's ideal for smaller tanks instead of larger ones. It's very scratch resistant, so it's easy to clean and makes great tanks for beginners. Although it's hard to scratch glass, it's important to remember there's no way to buff out them out. There are a few.

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Glass Aquariums are relatively inexpensive in comparison to Acrylic Aquariums. They are held together by a silicone sealant, which can wear out over time, but can be resealed. Glass Aquariums are less prone to scratch and razor blades can be used to remove difficult coralline algae from the aquarium walls. Some manufacturers make a reef ready aquarium or an aquarium with pre-drilled returns. Glass vs Acrylic Glass: Acrylic: Very difficult to scratch. Highly scratchable. You will have to be extra careful, use acrylic safe scrubbers and acrylic polishing kits. Of course, acrylic is also easier to repair when it is scratched. Glass is heavier than acrylic. A glass tank will often weigh 4-10 times as much as an acrylic tank of the same volume. Acrylic tanks are lighter than glass. An Acrylic Aquarium Holds Heat, a Glass Aquarium Lets It Out. The third major difference between a glass and acrylic aquarium is how they hold heat. Glass lets more heat out, while acrylic holds more heat in. Just like with the first point, which of these is preferable depends on your situation Glas vs Acryl Aquarien . Aquarien kommen in Glas oder Acryl. Zwischen diesen beiden Arten von Aquarien kann man große Unterschiede feststellen. Bei Glas- und Acrylbecken haben beide ihre Vor- und Nachteile. Fischtanks aus Glas waren schon immer ein Favorit, da sie schon lange benutzt wurden und geben ein Gefühl von königlichem Aussehen

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Glass was developed around 50AD and was used as the primary material to build modernized aquariums. The hobby gained popularity across the globe from the early to late 1800s. Glass remained the primary aquarium material until the 1970s when acrylic became mass produced. Subsequently, the great debate of glass aquariums vs. acrylic aquariums was. Normal glass aquarium, Crystal Clear Aquarium & Acrylic Aquarium. Fret not, we'll break it down for you! Normal Glass Aquarium . Normal Glass Aquarium. This is your typical, standard glass aquarium and you'll be able to find it in absolutely any fish store! Normal glass aquarium is much cheaper and hardier than a crystal clear aquarium. However, you'll find that the glass has a slight. Acrylic Vs Glass Aquarium. Source(s): https://shrink.im/bab1P. 0 0. Jeroen Wijnands. Lv 7. 9 years ago. Acrylic tanks started out badly, the first ones where so soft you could almost scratch them with a fingernail. Nowadays things have progressed, the material is a bit harder and it's optically of a very good quality. I'd prefer it over glass for small tanks, upto 30 liters or so, if you want.

Glass vs Acrylic Aquariums - Comparison. Now, let's take a few minutes to look at both glass and acrylic aquariums, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are. Acrylic Aquarium Pros & Cons. First let's take a look at acrylic aquariums, what is good about them, and what is bad about them too. Pros. One of the pros of acrylic tanks is that they are very. Acrylic Vs Glass Aquariums. When you have decided that you would like to have an aquarium set up in your home, there are many things that you will need to think about before you make a start. One of the considerations is the CO2 system that you have installed, and for this you may wish to consider a CO2 diffuser along with other items of specialist equipment. However, before you even get to. Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank VS Glass. When considering glass vs. acrylic aquariums, there are pros and cons to both. Acrylic is often a popular option for manufacturers and hobbyists because it is both easy to fabricate and lightweight. It takes a relatively extreme investment in tooling, equipment, and engineering to be able to cut and manipulate heavy sheets of glass. This is the main reason. Acrylic vs. Glass Acrylic, a superior choice. There are many reasons why acrylic has become the best option for aquariums for strength, weight and better viewing properties. Strength. It is widely accepted that acrylic is 16-17 times stronger than glass of the same thickness, with much better impact resistance. Because the joints are chemically bonded, not simply siliconed together, they are. acrylic vs. glass. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 19 of 19 Posts. mcaiger53 · Registered. Joined Jan 3, 2011 · 238 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 5, 2011. I have found a good deal on an acrylic tank, too good to pass up, but have never had one before. I have been planning a large viv for tincs, or terribles and want to know a little more about acrylic. I have heard that they scratch.

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Compare weight factor: acrylic vs. glass tank size (gallon) acrylic tank weight empty (lbs) / laborer needed to lift (person) glass tank weight empty (lbs) / laborer needed to lift (person) acrylic tank weight full (lbs) glass tank weight full (lbs) weight difference between glass and acrylic tanks when full (%) 55 42 / Aquariums: Standard Sizes and Weights (US Units) The following is a list of basic glass aquarium sizes and weights. Custom glass or acrylic aquariums can be made to nearly any aquarium size specification. Glass aquarium sizes over 1000 gallons are rare due to the thickness of glass required which makes them very heavy in comparison to acrylic. Aquarium sizes and weights Read More Glass Aquarium vs Acrylic Aquarium February 2013 Custom made fish tanks - should you choose glass or acrylic? Custom made fish tanks come in an array of interesting shapes and sizes. Depending on what style you're wanting to go for, you'll have the choice of two main materials - glass and acrylic. So why choose one over the other? Glass Aquariums. Glass custom made fish tanks have.

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Acrylic aquariums usually cost more then glass aquariums. The need/want for acrylic tanks are slowly raising, thus making the price rise. Acrylics range between 1,000 - 25,000 + dollars. It's time to give the pros and cons to the glass aquarium. Pros of a glass - Glass aquariums also come in several shapes and sizes, still, the acrylic tank takes the lead in numbers. If you don't care. Once, all aquariums were exclusively made of glass; there are many options available nowadays. One of those suitable options is named as plexiglass or acrylic aquariums. However, most fish keepers don't know that much about each type and what it's best suited for. So let's examine the dilemma of glass aquarium vs plexiglass aquarium to find out which one is recommended for you

Tag Archives: acrylic fish tank vs glass. Company news Acrylic hotel fish tank. Posted on 09/05/2020 23/12/2020 by Admin. 09 May. Acrylic Hotel Fish Tank The acrylic hotel aquarium is a cost-effective aquarium product. The whole cylinder body is transparent without joints, which is more beautiful and safe than an ordinary glass aquarium. Acrylic has high transparency, the transmittance of 92%. Glass Turtle Tank vs Acrylic Turtle Tank. Glass Glass does not scratch easily and they can be made from almost any size aquarium. Generally, these are preferred over acrylic because turtles' toes may scratch. Acrylic Only acrylic turtle aquariums are shippable via UPS. That is their main advantage. An acrylic turtle aquarium is also lighter than its glass counterpart. Turtle Tank Shipping. Acrylic vs. Glass. What's yalls own experience with these tanks, so far I've only had glass in my 10, 20 high, 20 long, 29, and 55. All but one were used, I had no issues with leaks or obvious scratches and the only real down side I saw were that the 20 long, the 29 and the 55 bowed out a little. My question is what are the pros and cons, I'm sure this exact thread exist but I'd much rather.

Glass vs. Acrylic Aquariums; HDPE vs. Acrylic Sumps; Seamless Sump Bio Media; Shipping / Lead Times; Warnings / Disclaimers; Moving Your Aquarium; Testimonials; Videos . Videos; DIY / Vlogger Videos; Reseller Spotlights; Local Retailers . Local Retailers; Reseller Spotlights; Contact; Custom Aquariums Covid-19 Update. Read more about how we are handling orders and serving you during the. Acrylic aquariums offer better insulation than glass aquariums, reducing temperature flux and improving the quality of life for your fish. Acrylic fish tanks are as clear as optical glass (at 93% transparency) and don't add a green tint. Shop Acrylic Aquariums by Shape. Rectangle . Bow Front. Bull Nose. Flat Back Hex. Hexagon. Pentagon. Quarter Cylinder. Half Cylinder. Displaying products 1. Oct 23, 2020 - Every fishkeeping experience is unique, but they all start with a good tank. This guide will help you choose between glass vs. acrylic aquariums

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I have 2 glass aquariums but they are fresh water. I believe that I have heard acrylic is better for salt water because I think salt can eat away at the glass after a while you would have to double check that but I think acrylic would be better for you personally I love the glass aquariums and haven't struggled with it becoming cloudy . reply #3. johnarthur. 6 years ago. Acrylic plastic. Lighter in weight than glass, acrylic is less complicated to install in certain situations. If you are crafting a customized project, especially for a zoo or aquarium, light and visibility are extremely important. Glass requires thick layering to withstand the pressure associated with most builds; the layering results in a slight tint, reducing visibility. Acrylic transmits up to 92% of light. Acrylic Vs Glass Aquariums When you have decided that you would like to have an aquarium set up in your home, there are many things that you will need to think about before you make a start. One of the considerations is the CO2 system that you have installed, and for this you may wish to consider a CO2 diffuser along with other items of specialist equipment

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Glass aquariums, with the exception of Low Iron Glass/ Extra Chiarro or Extra Clear Glass, have around 70% light transmission and have a green tint to them. The thicker the glass the more obvious the green tint is. Acrylic is optically clear and has around 95% light transmission. Moreover, acrylic has the same light refraction index as water does which creates the illusion that the acrylic. Acrylic vs. Glass Aquariums . Using acrylic instead of glass allows for more flexibility in custom tank design. SeaQuatic has spent years researching and developing ways to put together tanks that can withstand up to 8,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), ensuring a stronger tank those available from other commercial sources. Acrylic is less prone to cracking than glass, lighter in weight and. The flat aquariums are made of glass or acrylic and come in many different sizes, and most often in a regular rectangular shape. Some are also square and some others are nano, but all have the regular flat surface front feature. This is the most common and most affordable aquariums on the market today. Preview Product Rating Price; SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquariums Complete Package. Glass Vs Acrylic Aquarium: Who Gets The Winner's Trophy? April 10, 2021 March 13, 2021 by Brian Hudson. Home is the safest shelter for every living organism. The same can be said for your pets also. They find their habitat Read more Glass Vs Acrylic Aquarium: Who Gets The Winner's Trophy? Leave a comment . How to keep your aquarium clean. April 10, 2021 March 10, 2021 by Brian Hudson.

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Acrylic aquariums are growing ever more popular in today's aquarium industry. Acrylic aquariums are slowly moving glass out of the spotlight for a variety of reasons. In this article I will be going through and detailing the strengths and weaknesses of glass versus acrylic aquariums. Glass has been around for a while in the industry, and a lot of the old hands will swear by it, it does have. Many beginners believe that acrylic aquariums are better simply because they're generally more expensive. But that's not always true, and in fact, in some ways, glass aquariums may be a better choice. If you're still undecided about what type of aquarium you want to get, you should first carefully consider the pros and cons of acrylic aquarium tanks Not only is acrylic lighter than glass and less likely to shatter, but it's also easily molded, making it an ideal choice for a do-it-yourself aquarium project. With some basic carpentry skills and a little elbow grease, building your own acrylic aquarium can be an easy, rewarding, and cost-effective project for the would-be aquarium enthusiast Aqueon Glass Aquariums Tempered vs. Non Tempered: Due to glass availability, Central Aquatics may temporarily substitute regular or non-tempered glass panels with tempered glass panels. Anytime a glass substitution is made, a sticker will be adhered to the aquarium bottom as a precaution to the end user. Please Note: Any aquarium that is altered in any way (i.e. - drilled, attempted to be.


Demonstration of hexagon aquarium; Acrylic vs. low iron glass vs. regular glass aquarium; Aquarium in interior spaces; 10 best fish for 5 gallon aquarium tank; Setting up a 10-gallon aquarium aquariums fish tanks; Indias biggest fish museum; The easiest way to add oxygen into fish tank; 50 gallon oceanic saltwater coral reef aquarium with sump fi... 20 gallon custom sump refugium 55 gallon. Some swear by Acrylic while others feel equally adamant about glass. With the exception of a few very specific cases (very large or unusually shaped tanks), we are proponents of glass and our reason is simple: Acrylic aquariums easily scratch over time, and severely impact viewing. Once scratched, algae will settle into the scratches and become very difficult, sometimes impossible, to clean. The result is a viewing surfac Lighter in weight than glass, acrylic is less complicated to install in certain situations. If you are crafting a customized project, especially for a zoo or aquarium, light and visibility are extremely important. Glass requires thick layering to withstand the pressure associated with most builds; the layering results in a slight tint, reducing visibility. Acrylic transmits up to 92% of light visibility, while glass transmits around 80-90%. It depends on the project, but often acrylic will. Compare other factors: acrylic tank vs. glass tank vs. Aqua Vim seamless curved glass tank : sighted seams from viewing: scratch concern: transparency and aging forming styles: material cost: manufacturing difficulty : water holding strength: distortion: acrylic tanks: glue on seams is nearly clear but effects view: high, can easily get scratched from algae- cleaning: very clear when new but. I have one acrylic the others are glass. Acrylic is lighter but I was always afraid to scratch it, however I scratched my glass tanks too with a magnetic cleaner, but I think you will be happy with it I now clean mine with a sponge. Takes longer but doesn't scratch as much

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Glass Vs Acrylic Aquarium: Who Gets The Winner's Trophy? March 13, 2021 by Brian Hudson Home is the safest shelter for every living organism. The same can be said for your pets also Glass aquariums are heavier than acrylic aquariums, often weighing 4 to 10 times as much as an acrylic aquarium that holds the same volume. They also break easier but they do require a sharp impact for this to occur. Something else that you need to consider about glass aquariums is that you are limited in the shapes that they come in. Generally speaking, you will get glass aquariums in square, rectangular, hexagonal and other similar shapes. Curved glass aquariums are available but they are.

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Glass Vs. Acrylic Aquariums: Which Is Better? Fish tanks are generally made from either glass or acrylic. Each of these two materials has advantages and disadvantages, so the option you choose is really down to your personal preference. Glass. Glass tanks are very sturdy, scratch-resistant, and cheaper. Glass tends to maintain its clarity too, making a glass aquarium a good long-term purchase. Acrylic isn't a very good choice as a lid, they tend to warp and sag, especially with the added heat from tank lighting. 1/4 glass is a good choice for a lid, if you want it t

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Acrylic Vs Glass - Which Is The For My Salt Water Fish Aquarium? Porsche used cars like there 911 model will be the one vehicle I think everyone thinks of when longing for the Porsche Brand. It appears . other models born of your 911 brand, this article will go to these other cars (which are less famous than there older brother the Porsche 911) but still very sleek and really fast. When. Glass is denser and therefore heavier than acrylic. A glass tank will often weigh 4-10 times as much as an acrylic tank of the same volume. When moving glass aquariums we recommend that you have all the correct tools and amount and help for any glass aquarium over 55 gallons Acrylic certainly has some different characteristics than glass and here are some pros and cons when considering an acrylic aquarium over a glass aquarium: Pros. 1. Weight. Acrylic aquariums are pretty light compared to glass aquariums. Pretty nice if you are setting up a pretty large tank and don't have an army of guys with you to help load the aquarium onto the stand or up the stairs. Keep.

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But not all lids are created equal. Acrylic lids are the go-to choice for the modern reef aquarium hobbiests replacing older style glass lids. Acrylic lids are lightweight, durable, breathable, and can be customized to fit any tank. Check with your tank manufacturer to see if they can recommend the best fitting acrylic lid for your tank However, if you choose an acrylic aquarium instead of a glass one, you can worry less that your tank will crack, chip, or shatter. Even though it is lighter in weight, acrylic is a much stronger material than glass, which makes it much more difficult to break. In fact, acrylic is 10 times more impact resistant than glass, according to FishLab. If a family member were to bump into your acrylic. Because a glass tank won't yellow over time the same way an acrylic tank can. Most glass tanks will give your aquarium a slight green tint and acrylic tanks will give a bluish tint. For a price, you can get a more color-free view via a glass tank. You can purchase color-free glass (it's expensive) There are two types of materials used to build aquariums, namely Acrylic and Glass. Each of these materials has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are detailed in the schematic below. ACRYLIC: GLASS: Pros: Cons: Pros. Cons: Lightweight: Requires good stand support along entire bottom of tank. Requires only perimeter stand support: Heavy. Provides Clearest View : Can Yellow.

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Glass vs. Acrylic Aquarium; Which one is Better? Ideally, there are significant differences as far as features and quality of these two materials are concerned. In comparison, glass aquarium has a relatively superior scratch resistance than acrylic aquarium. Of course, this is quite obvious since the former has a harder surface that prevents abrasive materials from scratching it. On the. Fish tanks: Glass Vs. Acrylic Vs. Plexiglass? Which one will be: - Most shatter resistant - Clearest. Which one would be the best pick for a 55 gallon aquarium? Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Glass is heavy, but won't become blurry like acrylic. If you're worried about it being broken by say, children or pets, i wouldn't get a 55 gal. 1 0. vaquez. Glass Aquariums. ₹ 250 Get Latest Price. These appealing and break-resistant Glass Aquariums are used to keep fishes in order to add-on to the beauty of the interiors of homes, offices and malls. Our aquariums are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and designs and can also be customized as per the requirements of the clients

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