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Need a web management software adapted to your company and that meets your needs? Check out our resource planning and cash flow projection software Vmware performance metrics TOP 7 Produkte verglichen! Beiträge von Nutzern über Vmware performance metrics. Um sicher zu sein, dass die Wirkung von Vmware performance metrics auch in Wirklichkeit effektiv ist, sollten Sie sich die Ergebnisse und Meinungen zufriedener Personen im Internet ansehen.Forschungsergebnisse können lediglich selten dazu benutzt werden, denn normalerweise werden. Application performance measurement is necessary for all types of applications. Depending on your type of application, there could be many other monitoring needs. Retrace can help you monitor a broad range of web application performance metrics. Retrace collects critical metrics about your applications, servers, code level performance, application errors, logs, and more. These can be used for measuring and monitoring the performance of your application

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What is a metric in software development? A software metric stands for a potential area where measurement can be effectively applied to a certain software module or its specifications. In other words, a metric assumes taking some data from your application development lifecycle and using it for measuring software developer productivity Integrate Scoro with your currently used software to track and monitor all your data in one system. Oversee every aspect of your company's performance: projects, budgets, sales, forecasts, team's performance, etc. Customize your dashboard with unlimited widgets, metrics, etc. to track every KPI Both are overall measures of your software system's performance in its current production environment. Application crash rate—how many times an application fails divided by how many times it was used. This metric is related to MTBF and MTTR. Note that none of these three metrics tells you about individual features or users affected. Still, the smaller the numbers, the better. Moder The term software development metrics (in other words, KPIs, Key Performance Indicators) refers to the criteria for evaluating the productivity of the software team. By applying these metrics, customers know if their projects are on track. For developers, it will also ensure that all tasks agreed are properly carried out Some performance metrics examples include turnaround time for customer inquiries, average deal size for a sales rep, and number of software bug tickets closed for an IT helpdesk

Agile metrics are an essential component of the development process. For companies or teams that work on the agile framework, agile metrics help in assessing software quality. By measuring how productive a team is, agile metrics help keep the team performance in check. If there are any loopholes, they expose them at the initial stages. Since the data and its usage are measurable, it's easier to work on the shortcomings with the help of these metrics. For example, velocity. When measuring software delivery performance, we settled on four key metrics seen in high-performing technology organizations: delivery lead time. deployment frequency. mean time to restore service. change fail rate. 1. Delivery Lead Time. The elevation of lead time as a metric is a key element of Lean theory

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Performance Testing is a software testing process used for testing the speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability and resource usage of a software application under particular workload. The main purpose of performance testing is to identify and eliminate the performance bottlenecks in the software application. It is a subset of performance engineering and also known as Perf Testing To determine the health of your applications, you need to gather performance metrics for the servers running your web applications. All different types of web servers (like Apache, IIS, Azure, AWS, and NGINX, for example) have similar server performance metrics. Most of my experience in this realm lies in Microsoft Azure, which provides an easy-to-use interface for finding and collecting data. Working with Microsoft Azure gives the capability to host applications in either Azure. When it comes to the software development process, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is an agile metric. Although the concept of KPI may be associated with rigid rules, agile software development still manages to be the most flexible approach to managing software development projects as compared to the waterfall methodology

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To make relevant decisions, you need convincing data on product and feature usage. Two key metrics here are the number of user actions and sessions per user. Number of sessions per user. This metric helps understand key user behavior: how often users come back and use the site. It can be tracked with statistics that display the number of s or site visits. This KPI reveals the popularity of a product - if the audience engages with it again and again. Unlike traffic or session duration. Productivity metrics for software development clarify performance expectations. Your team remains engaged as they know exactly what is expected of them at work. Metrics communicate your. Software metrics is a standard of measure that contains many activities which involve some degree of measurement. It can be classified into three categories: product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics. Product metrics describe the characteristics of the product such as size, complexity, design features, performance, and quality level Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit performance metrics - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen Software Application Performance Metrics: We are also required to test the performance of the application code under execution. The following are the key metrics to test the application code performance. Time Spent in Logical Tier or Layer: The enterprise applications are multi-tier e.g. MVC (Model View and Controller) application. Here, we check which tier is taking more time for execution.

Software Performance Metrics. End-to-end data science projects have software deliverables that can be measured by software metrics. Examples include defect count, defect resolution time, frequency of tech reviews, latency (for real-time applications), or automated test coverage. 10. Data Science Model Metrics. And we circle back to the startYes, technical model performance is a key group of. KPI metrics specific to hardware companies. Many of the overall business KPI metrics apply equally well to hardware companies as they do to their software-based counterparts, such as revenue growth, customer acquisition costs and burn rate for hardware startups. But the manufacturing and warranty aspects of hardware companies add a layer of. How to Measure Performance of Software Developers. As mentioned, KPIs for software development projects should answer business questions that support a specific goal—driving revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, getting to market faster, etc. However, it's not uncommon for managers to focus on developer performance metrics that seem like they're measuring something valuable yet fail. The 7 Application Performance Metrics You Need to Measure and Why. Jack Rothrock on October 01, 2020 Performance. When it comes to releasing new features out into the wild, developers and managers alike need to toe the line between speed and performance. Take an all too common situation, where sales submits a high priority ticket to the development team that's a blocker for an enterprise deal. Performance Metrics Software. Collect and validate a large amount of data from all sites. Ensure quality and auditability of the data. Gather qualitative and quantitative indicators in order to calculate and report performance, and drive business improvements. Communicate the consolidated output effectively. Request a demo . ×. Capture and analyze key metrics. Gathering data on key indicators.

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Results: key software architecture metrics. Software architecture metrics by Andrew Hamel Law - Tech Principal @ThoughtWorks Nicole Forsgren et al's Four key metrics,as described in the book Accelerate, and called out as 'Adopt' in the Thoughtworks Radar, differentiate between low, medium and high performing technology organisations: lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to. Key database performance metrics are useful for keeping track of database performance and resources and optimizing them for your organization. Doing so enables you to create and maintain quality and high availability (HA) enterprise application infrastructure that reaps tangible results. Let's consider some well-known examples. They are the categories for SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

Discover 5 developer metrics for all software managers that are essential for measuring and managing a development team's productivity, including code churn. Blog > Teams. Article. 5 Developer Metrics Every Software Manager Should Care About September 30, 2016. Measuring a development team's productivity is one of the most difficult challenges that software managers currently face. Many. The results reveal a wide range of techniques and broad approaches to performance engineering and some of the practices through which organizations are using tools and metrics. The term performance engineering is relatively new to many in the software industry, and to businesses in general. Performance engineering doesn't necessarily refer. In this article, we take a closer look at these four software delivery performance metrics Engineering leaders could be tracking with source{d} Enterprise Edition (EE). Change Lead Time. In the. Software products can be managed, but the technical staff's performance cannot be evaluated using software metrics. The available tools and the working environment is used to define and derive the software metrics, and there is no standard in defining and deriving them

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  1. Through six years of research, the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team has identified four key metrics that indicate the performance of a software development team: . Deployment Frequency—How often an organization successfully releases to production. Lead Time for Changes—The amount of time it takes a commit to get into production. Change Failure Rate—The percentage of deployments.
  2. Here's our overview of agile development metrics performance assessment. Agile software development KPIs In this article, we aren't going to explore all possible agile development metrics and KPIs. On top of that, you may invent your own ones that match your project best. However, we will describe the most common KPIs used across multiple software development aspects: Velocity; Sprint.
  3. Every business is different and will want to have its own key developer performance metrics. My personal favorite — Technical Debt. Tech debt didn't have a strong showing in this research campaign with just 7.2% of respondents listing it as #1, but for me it is the key metric to developer performance
  4. Understanding Key Performance Testing Metrics Ok, now let's see what each of the metrics for performance testing means, one by one, and their importance for analysis purposes. Averag

It's critical to measure the right metrics to keep your software development projects on track without destroying team morale. Empower your developers to work productively by giving them the right tools. To keep everyone on track, set your team up for success with these key performance metrics. Cycle tim Performance troubleshooting. A well-rounded APM tool can help you troubleshoot a number of application performance issues you may be experiencing. The software will provide performance insights, logs, and metrics to present you with a comprehensive view of your app's health. Better yet, APM software can help you to resolve any performance.

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  1. Software Performance Monitoring The following table lists a summary of the performance metrics reported for CPU0 in the APU Performance Summary panel in the Vitis IDE. Even though only two of the eight benchmarks were modified, there was a noticeable difference in the reported metrics. The average IPC value increased by 34.9%, while there was a substantial drop in L1 data cache miss rate.
  2. Software Engineering KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are measurable values that indicate the progress of engineering teams' performance towards business objectives. Therefore, they need to be consistent, broad enough to consider everyone's effort, and, most importantly, measurable. As they should represent the team's or area's work, it's crucial to pick the right metrics to measure.
  3. e whether they're improving the overall performance. Each metric.
  4. Project Performance (English Project Management Metrics, Best Practices in Software Measurement: How. Innovation Project Management: Software Measurement: How (The) (Thought Leadership, Definitive Guide to. Auf unserer Website recherchierst du jene wichtigen Unterschiede und unsere Redaktion hat alle It project management metrics getestet. Um der schwankenden Stärke der Artikel zu entsprechen.
  5. Performance Evaluation through Architecture: It includes architecture metrics like, schedulable, utilization, and throughput, etc. that can be used to improve the performance of the software system. Modularity : Modularity is the degree to which a system's components may be separated and recombined, often with the benefit of flexibility and variety in use
  6. Software metrics enable stakeholders in the development of software—developers, security personnel, operations personnel, development teams, and executives—to know key things they need to know about software projects, answering such questions as the following

Unlike most traditional SMART Performance Metrics processes, upBOARD's online SMART Performance Metrics tools allow any team or organization to instantly begin working with our web templates and input forms. Our digital platform goes far beyond other software tools by including progress dashboards, data integration from existing documents or other SaaS software, elegant intuitive designs. A software metric is a standard of measure of a degree to which a software system or process possesses some property. Even if a metric is not a measurement (metrics are functions, while measurements are the numbers obtained by the application of metrics), often the two terms are used as synonyms

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  1. Moreover, monitoring these metrics helps you easily detect performance or resource bottlenecks. Why does this matter? If your server doesn't have enough CPU power to operate smoothly, CPU usage can lead to a resource bottleneck, causing the whole system's performance to degrade. It's important to measure all the hardware metrics because a single component can cause a resource bottleneck
  2. console. Metric spans and intervals. Metric data summarizes performance for a given database over a specific period of time
  3. However, metrics by themselves cannot improve a law department's performance if they are not acted upon; the information is only as valuable as its use. Analyze metrics using the right framework An analysis of the law department's raw data does not necessarily consider the many intangible elements of a law department's success
  4. Performance metrics graphs include 6 metrics for INSIGHT, EPOC X and EPOC+ headsets: Stress (FRU) is a measure of comfort with the current challenge. High stress can result from an inability to complete a difficult task, feeling overwhelmed and fearing negative consequences for failing to satisfy the task requirements. Generally a low to.
  5. Software Performance Metrics Software Performance Metrics Reports Test Management: Measuring Quality in the Agile Enterprise. sponsored by Micro Focus. EBOOK: The methods of measuring software quality in an agile environment are drastically different from tactics used in traditional IT landscapes. Discover why the plan the work, then work the plan technique doesn't work with agile IT, the 10.

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Employee performance metrics indicate how well employees perform. This blog lists 21 important metrics such as NPS, Number of errors, Revenue per employee, 360-degree feedback, and other KPI's. Read this article to get a comprehensive understanding of qualitative and quantitative employee performance metrics Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 21.4.1 adds a slew of helpful features, from major AMD Link upgrades to the addition of Ryzen performance metrics DORA's research identified four key metrics that indicate software development and delivery performance from the six years of study data. DORA team's lead, Nicole Forsgren, co-authored a book called Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations. This book shared the DORA team's findings explaining the science and. Software Delivery Performance Metrics. ⌚️ Delivery lead time. How long it takes code from commit to production. Deployment frequency. How often we are deploying to production. Mean time to restore. How long it takes us to restore service after an incident. Change failure rate. The percentage of changes that degrade service or.

If these performance metrics are even collected; How verbosely to collect them; Whether to report the results back to us ; We have been planning to essentially write our own system for doing most of this. We are then looking at a number of different persistence models, including the Binary Formatting of performance packets, XmlSerialization and the Trace Logging functionality that is. Again, use Agile software development metrics wisely to start a discussion about the process and roadblocks that negatively affect a team's performance. Metrics are NOT about numbers; they are about changes and analysis. #3 A metric should answer concrete questions . All Scrum metrics that you implement in a project should answer specific questions so that you can understand what should be. 4 Software QA Metrics To Enhance Dev Quality and Speed Code Quality . The caliber of code is fundamental to the quality of your product. Through frequent reviews you can assess the health of your.

Vendor performance metrics serve as the basis of effective benchmarking. Standard, consistent measures needed for continuously and fairly monitoring the value are supplied by vendors for each outsourced development project. Imagine being able to determine the amount of completed functionality and then having the ability to assess the effort required to complete them. That is what vendor. Our Solutions Performance Metrics Software. 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1750 Chicago, IL 60654 Toll free: 1.888.362.2007. VelocityEHS | Humantech 1161 Oak Valley Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Toll free: 1.866.919.7922. VelocityEHS | Chemtel 1305 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33602 Toll free: 1.888.255.3924 . Canada 586 Argus Road, Suite 300 Oakville, ON L6J 3J3 Toll free: 1.866.919.7922. Sales performance metrics are measurements that help you gauge the effectiveness of your agents, your systems, and your sales strategy. You can use sales performance metrics to measure your team's short-term progress toward sales goals or to gauge improvement opportunities for individual team members. Some metrics can even measure long-term objectives, like whether your sales strategy is. These are just some of the metrics that can be useful in evaluating risk and compliance performance. Additional metrics can be created depending on the nature of the business, and many industries have unique metrics that pertain to it. The size of a business can also affect which metrics are important for management. Generally, these metrics are important because they allow a business to track.

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The Zoo plot shows the performance of individuals, or groups of individuals (e.g. males and females) within the biometric recognition system. The Zoo plot in Bio-Metrics (Alexander et al., 2014) is based on the Zoo plot analysis developed by Yager and Dunstone (2011), which is an extension of George Doddington's biometric classification (1998) Best KPIs to Measure Performance Success of Software Developers Cycle time. It can tell you more about a team's speed and productivity. This KPI should be classified into issue types -... Sprint burndown. This graph plots outstanding work to be done on the y-axis, and time along the x-axis. By. How Metric Data is Gathered Data for metrics is gathered differently depending on the metric change type, time scope, and gathering time associated with the metric. System Metrics There are a wide variety of metrics available to help you monitor the performance of your IBM Cognos software installation. Panes on the Status System Pag In the effort to deliver software to the market as quickly as possible, companies risk more defects caught by the end-user. The modern era of end-to-end DevOps calls for the careful integration of key performance indicators (KPIs). The right metrics can ensure that applications reach their peak potential. Ideally, DevOps Metrics and KPI's present relevant information in a way that is clear. Traditional Software versus SaaS - Different Metrics . The software industry has evolved into a number of different business models each with their own set of performance metrics. Traditional software companies typically focus their business modeling on financial metrics such as recognized revenues, operating expenses and profits. Recognized revenues and bookings are viewed as the key.

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  1. Software or application performance metrics are the metrics of the software delivered, response time of the application, etc. NewRelic is typically one of the main providers of such metrics. You could also think of this in terms of customer satisfaction metrics (Net Promoter Score typically). In this article, we're focusing on the first set of metrics. Those are the ones that help an.
  2. ed the concept software complexity and its effect on software project, concerning productivity and quality of real time software system. And these attribute will help us to.
  3. Performance metrics. March 1st, 2015. Performance is interesting because it very often doesn't matter. Even the worst application running on the most terrible hardware doesn't need optimizations as long as the performance is acceptable. The rule is: if improving performance would not be noticeable to the player, then any time spent improving performance is a complete waste. That time is always.
  4. With an abundance of sales software tools, there's more data at disposal than ever before. In order to have control over sales performance, use sales metrics and analytics. Few teams within an organization are as data-driven as your sales team. Each and every activity is measurable, and your challenge is often knowing what to track. With the proliferation of sales software tools like.
  5. This includes using vanity metrics and old-fashioned ways to measure productivity. Because more isn't always better, especially when it comes to measuring the performance of a software engineer. Don't: Use story points completed to measure the performance of a software engineer . Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash. The use of story poi n ts has always been a huge topic for debate. Some say it.
  6. Performance efficiency refers to an application's use of resources and how that affects its scalability, customer satisfaction, and response times. Software architecture, source code design, and individual architectural components all contribute to performance efficiency. Security assesses how well an application protects information against the risk of software breaches. The quantity and.
  7. Software Testing Metrics and measurements are very important indicators of the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing processes. Learn with examples and graphs how to use test metrics and measurements in software testing process

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  1. Performance metrics give an overview of where time is spent in the system and enable comparisons of wait times across the system. Performance metrics are collected at the entry point to each server in the system. Data is collected periodically and forwarded to a central point for analysis, decision making, and historical storage. See Figure 1-6 for an illustration of how the system data are.
  2. To create marketing plans which do not include metrics, scorecards and key performance indicators (KPI's) is a bit like rolling the bowling ball down the lane without keeping score: you get plenty tired and forget the point. Mike has extensive business experience in high-tech, heavy manufacturing, aerospace, IT infrastructure and software development. Metrics, Scorecards and Key Performance.
  3. Software Metrics Product vs. process Most metrics are indirect: No way to measure property directly or Final product does not yet exist For predicting, need a model of relationship of predicted variable with other measurable variables. Three assumptions (Kitchenham) 1. We can accurately measure some property of software or process. 2. A relationship exists between what we can measure and what.
  4. e the characteristics of a software system in terms of quality assurance, functional compatibility, applicability, overall efficiency, system performance, maintainability, system competence, installation coverage, and process documentation continuance. It is known to be a hard-hitting exertion, and the reason is the intricacy.
  5. Software Testing Metrics are the quantitative measures used to estimate the progress, quality, productivity and health of the software testing process. The goal of software testing metrics is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the software testing process and to help make better decisions for further testing process by providing reliable data about the testing process

Measure the right key performance indicators (KPIs) and IT help desk metrics to identify the performance and health of your IT service desk. Make the best business decisions for your help desk by analyzing the 8 most significant, industry-standard IT service desk reporting metrics. Read this article to know more This post is part 2 of a 3-part series about monitoring Apache performance. Part 1 provides an overview of the Apache web server and its key performance metrics, and part 3 describes how to monitor Apache with Datadog.. In this post, we will show you how to collect the key Apache metrics mentioned in Part 1, which are available through Apache's status module (mod_status) and the server. Performance Metrics Reference. This section lists the metrics that you can analyze using Intel® GPA. Depending on your host system, you can get access to different groups of metrics. Graphics Frame Analyzer provides full set of GPU metrics. System Analyzer shows CPU, Memory, Power, Media, Graphics API (DirectX or OpenGL), and basic GPU metrics. The same metric set is available for the System. The issue in measuring software performance and quality is clearly its complexity as compared even to the computer hardware on which it runs. Managing complexity and finding significant surrogate indicators of program complexity must go beyond merely estimating the number of lines of code the program is expected to require. Measuring Software Quality. Historically software quality metrics have. The App Stores (iTunes and Google Play) provides basic performance metrics. However, the metrics are very limited - with crash data only - and not real-time enough for enterprises to quickly troubleshoot and fix the issues. A few free vendor tools also provide basic crashes reporting capabilities, but mobile team would do better by not settling for just crash monitoring. App teams should look.

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Werden ergo feste Grenzwerte überschritten oder Unregelmäßigkeiten gemessen, kann die Software Alarm schlagen und dem Admin als Handlungs- und Entscheidungsgrundlage dienen. Warum das Monitoring Ihres ECM ein Managed Service sein sollte . Der d.velop metrics analyzer ist eine Performance-Analyse, die als Managed-Service auf Basis der d.velop cloud Plattform bereitgestellt wird. Bei einem. 15 Metrics Every Software Product Manager Should Know. by . Brian de Haaff. The world of product management is rapidly changing. It is more data driven than ever before. There is no doubt that data is impacting most jobs. But this is amplified for product managers, especially if they work for an emerging software company. Being a product manager at an early-stage company has never been more. As for which performance metrics you should be analyzing, we've compiled list of the most important performance metrics organized by category. Website speed performance metrics. Attention spans are getting shorter, not longer. Customers make snap judgments about a company's professionalism, so don't let the first thing they see be a big, slowly loading blurry logo. To fully understand user. Health Metrics for Agile Teams/Agile Performance Metrics. While most agile software development metrics are aimed at assessing software quality and team productivity at different stages and from different perspectives, monitoring the well-being of your team is as crucial. Happiness . There is no single, tried-and-true way to measure happiness in a software development team. Still, a common.

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These series of articles are an attempt to explain in simple words how to approach software product delivery performance process metrics in production environments at scale. I will use automotive as main example because it is the one I am currently working on. Disclaimer. The ideas and practices you will read in these two articles are not mine. I just summarize other people ideas, structure. Your cost-efficiency metric is called the Cost Performance Index (CPI). To determine your CPI, simply divide the value of work performed by the actual costs of accomplishing it. This metric allows you to reduce financial risk and capital costs while allocating capital confidently. An even better measurement method is the CPI Standard Deviation, which shows how accurate your project budget.

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Choosing SLI Metrics. However, having too many SLI metrics can be overwhelming for engineers, preventing them from focusing on the most important performance indicators. Modern software platforms have hundreds or even thousands of unique components from databases and service nodes to message queues and load balancers performance for software programs and drive improvement in cost, schedule, and performance. # Metric Target value (by software type)i Typical DoD values for SW COTS. ii: apps Custom-ized SW: iii: COTS HW/OS: iv: Real-time HW/SW: v: 1 Time from program launch to deployment of simplest useful functionality <1 mo <3 mo <6 mo <1 yr 3-5 yrs 2 Time to field high priority fcn (spec → ops) or fix. Guest OS metrics include performance counters which track guest CPU percentage or memory usage, both of which are frequently used for auto-scaling or alerting. Host OS metrics ARE available and listed below. They are not the same. The Host OS metrics relate to the Hyper-V session hosting your guest OS session. Tip. Best practice is to use and configure the Azure Diagnostics extension to send.

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Individual performance is difficult to measure manually and talent management software has helped lift this burden. 11. Adherence to Values . Measuring how closely an employee follows the company's values is a relevant metric in performance management. Company values are put in place to create a culture and guide behavior. These values serve to shape abilities to make decisions and set goals. When building software-related metrics into your ITAM capabilities, always start as if you were being audited (by a software vendor) tomorrow. Ask yourself: What are the key things the auditors would ask me? Software-related ITAM measurements to consider could include: The total number of software assets, and those under management, to give you the scale of your software environment. The.

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Four Keys. Background. Through six years of research, the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team has identified four key metrics that indicate the performance of a software development team. Four Keys allows you to collect data from your development environment (such as GitHub or GitLab) and compiles it into a dashboard displaying these key metrics Overview of Network Performance Monitoring Metrics: Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) refers to the process of measuring, diagnosing and optimizing the service quality of a network as experienced by users. NPM is complementary to Application Performance Management (APM). Network Performance Monitoring addresse Project Performance Metrics. This metric measures project management performance by PMs compared to their approved budget and committed delivery date. The goal for PMs is to deliver projects within 10% of their budgeted work effort and within 10 calendar days of the agreed upon delivery date. The metrics are rolled up to the various management levels to measure project management performance. Marketing Metrics. Marketing Metrics are measurable values used by marketing teams to display the overall performance of social platform accounts, campaigns, lead nurturing, etc. Monitoring digital marketing KPIs can help your team stay on target from month-to-month. With the vast base of different marketing channels used by team, it is crucial for marketing teams to actively track their. Metrics to Drive Grant Performance. You've probably heard the old saying, What gets measured gets done. Although the saying is simple, the process of identifying the right metrics and reports to measure and communicate the progress of your grant funding efforts is much more complex.. Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of successful grant writers. Metrics Details: Once a user has chosen a metric from the overview column, they can view more detailed statistics for each of those metrics in this window. Performance Tuning The automatic view allows more entry level or novice users access to features that allow them to automatically configure their performance tuning using Radeon Software features without having to learn how to overclock*

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